Bugoy na Koykoy Net Worth (2024)

Bugoy na Koykoy is a Filipino rapper, vlogger, and entrepreneur who has a net worth of approximately $811,312 as of 2024.

His real name is Jose Ariel Jimenez, and he was born on October 29, 1990. He is currently 33 years old.

He is best known for his unique rap style and his songs about life in Sorrento, Cavite, where he grew up.

He is also known for his controversial lifestyle, which includes having multiple girlfriends and living with them in a mansion.

He was married to two women, La Bruha and Samsara, but he broke up with Samsara in May 2023 after two years and four months of relationship.

He is still dating La Bruha, who is also a rapper and a member of his group 2 Joints Enterprise. He is rumored to have a third girlfriend, Lyka Diamon, who is also a singer and a model.

He has released several mixtapes and albums, such as Legendary Sht, Lemon Water, Intercoolest, 2022 Joints, and Sky Money.

He earns money from his music sales, streams, YouTube views, merchandise, and endorsements.He has a loyal fan base, called Koykoy Nation, who support him and his music.

He owns a clothing line called Koykoy Clothing, also owns a cannabis dispensary called Koykoy's Garden, which sells various strains of marijuana and CBD products.

He is an advocate for the legalization of marijuana in the Philippines, and often raps about its benefits and uses.

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