Top 10 Richest City in the Philippines

1. Makati

The financial center of the Philippines, home to many multinational corporations, upscale shopping malls, and skyscrapers.

2. Quezon

The largest and most populous city in the Philippines, known for its diverse culture, entertainment, and education.

3. Pasig

A city that balances urban development and environmental protection, featuring the Ortigas Center, a major business district, and the Pasig River.

4. Manila

The capital and historic city of the Philippines, rich in heritage, arts, and cuisine, and a hub for commerce, politics, and tourism.

5. Zamboanga

The sardine capital of the Philippines, famous for its Spanish-influenced architecture, colorful vintas, and diverse ethnic groups.

6. Cebu

The oldest city and first capital of the Philippines, renowned for its religious and cultural festivals, historical landmarks, and natural attractions.

7. Caloocan

The 4th most populous city, divided into two geographical areas, north and south, and a gateway to the northern provinces.

8. Marikina

The shoe capital of the Philippines, known for its high-quality footwear, clean and green environment, and resilient community.

9. Calamba

The birthplace of the national hero, Jose Rizal, and a thriving city with a vibrant economy, culture, and tourism.

10. Cagayan De Oro

The city of golden friendship, famous for its whitewater rafting, adventure parks, and hospitality.

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