Top Ten Dinosaur Discoveries of 2023

Scientists found a new species of tyrannosaur, Thanatotheristes degrootorum, in Canada. It was nicknamed “Reaper of Death” and lived about 79 million years ago.

A fossil of a Spinosaurus revealed that it had a tail adapted for swimming, making it the first known aquatic dinosaur.

A study of a Psittacosaurus fossil showed that it had camouflage patterns on its skin, helping it blend in with its environment.

Researchers discovered a new species of ankylosaur, Vectipelta barretti, in Utah. It had a club-like tail and spikes on its body for defense.

A team of paleontologists identified a new genus and species of sauropod, Stellasaurus ancellae, in Montana. It had a very long neck.

A new analysis of a Triceratops skull showed that it had a third eye on its forehead, called a parietal eye. This eye was sensitive to light.

A fossil of a Troodon preserved the contents of its stomach, revealing that it ate a small mammal and some plants.

A new species of ornithopod, Chucarosaurus diripienda, was described from New Mexico. It had a beak-like mouth and hoof-like feet.

A study of a Stegosaurus fossil found that it had osteosarcoma, a type of bone cancer. This is the first evidence of malignant cancer in a dinosaur.

A new species of mosasaur, Stelladens mysteriosus, was named from Morocco. It had small teeth and a slender jaw, suggesting that it fed on small prey like fish and squid.

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