Best Female Travel Vloggers on Youtube USA 2024

Best female travel Vloggers on Youtube

Hey Friends, Today we are going to talk about the best female travel Vloggers on Youtube. Vloggers are making traveling beautiful as you know today’s world loves to travel and explore the places that they dream about.

One of the most beautiful things an individual can do is travel. As we take a look at the advantages of traveling there are many things, for example, Your mind gets relaxed when you travel.

It is proven in science that traveling can increase the life expectancy of an individual. Traveling brings refreshment, peace, and power to your life and it also gives you relief.

It’s been so hectic for a lot of people in today’s world. At this time it’s too important to give some time to yourself.

Traveling heals us and helps us to overcome every single pain in our lives. While traveling we get to know what’s happening all over the world and also we get to know what’s happening in the inside world.

To travel we need a lot of money and many people can’t afford to explore new places but thanks to YouTube and the vloggers who made it possible. Vloggers explore new places and give experiences about the trip to the audience on YouTube.

What is Vlogging and who is a Vlogger

The term vlog stands for a video blog or we can say a short video log and Implies a type of blog where most or we can say all of the content is in video format.

The vlog serves as a way to share your experience or provide a tutorial guide for people. Just like blogs you can create a vlog on any topic.

A vlogger is a person who creates video content on any specific topic and publishes it on any social platform. Travel vloggers love to explore new places and serve the experience to the people.

For avid travelers, YouTube is the best platform where they can showcase their love for exploration and adventure.

Best Female Travel Vloggers on YouTube

We are glad that women are breaking the rules that are set by society making efforts to do what they want and putting their strength and courage to travel all over the world. Let’s take a look at the top 5 best female travel Vloggers on YouTube.

1. Nadine Sykora (Hey Nadine)

Nadine Sykora is a travel vlogger, blogger, host, and YouTuber. She made her debut on YouTube in 2006 and she has emerged as a leader in the community of traveling.

She travels a lot and she has traveled to 55+ countries and she has been making vlogs for 13 years. Nadine Sykora managed to guide me on every single thing while traveling.

She also has immense knowledge of fashion, comedy, food, and life hacks. In her vlogs, she tries to give the best experience of the specific place to her audience. She tries to bring together the core factors of traveling.

She is a very confident blogger and she says you can “see the world from the comfort of your own home” by watching her channel. So if you’re looking for some traveling tips and hacks you must check her channel.

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2. Christine Kaaloa (GRRRL TRAVELER)

Christine Kaaloa is an American YouTuber and solid female travel blogger and her YouTube channel name is GRRRL TRAVELER.

She is a full-time content creator and a freelance videographer. Her vlogs help people to find confidence in traveling alone.

She travels mostly in South Asian countries. Kaaloa doesn’t clear out the negative thoughts in her vlogs. She tells every single detail about her blog even if she faces any problem or anything while traveling she shares everything with her audience.

A very honest vlogger and she tends to focus on wanderlust. She also gives insights on food and travel and gives the best tips and tricks of the trade.

3. Alyshia Ford (Psychotraveller)

Alyshia Ford is an Australian travel vlogger. Except for food, culture, and landscape, Alyshia steps out of the box and creates the best experience for people.

Alyshia explores various places and makes videos of adventures. She also helps people with her amazing tips and introduces food to her audience.

She has many videos out of the vlogging space. She also tells about the book to read on traveling and gives expensive reviews on International trips. She has written a book, the name of her book is Where is she? Trauma travel.

4. Brooke Saward

Brooke Saward is an Australian traveler and also creates blogs on adventures for YouTube. A clean content creator with no filter on her experience. She is a full-time traveler.

She is 28 years old and raised in Tasmania. She is an author and overall her blogs are simple and  immense informative

And her vlogs are enjoyable for those who wish to get an inside peek into the different cultures.

5. TJ Lee (CupofTJ)

Tj Lee is a travel vlogger if you’re looking for a quirky and super cute YouTube travel blogger so here she is Tj Lee.

Tj Lee has a fair share of her travel journeys and experiences which she sprinkled here and there, The most beautiful thing on her channel is the food the food will grab your eyeballs.

Most people say that the way to the heart is the stomach and Tj Lee prices them right. Talking about her content is all about fun and refreshing. Tj Lee leaps into odd experiences such as knife massages, transformation into Lolita girls, and trying viral foods.

She has a very sharp personality which lends integrity to her YouTube channel and makes it an extremely relatable watch.

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Final Words:

So today in this post we tell you about the Best female travel vloggers on YouTube. I hope you liked this post and if you received any value from this post make sure you share this post.

Thank You!

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