Best Vlogging Lens For Sony A6000 [Updated With Buying Guide 2024]

Best Vlogging Lens For Sony A6000

Dear Vlogger! Today we will help you to find the Best Vlogging Lens For Sony A6000. The Sony A6000 and its successors are one of the best-selling glassless cameras ever made.

A fantastic purchase even though several series models have been released in the same series: in fact, due to its low price, this Is one of the best camera deals you can get right now.

The Sony Alpha 6000 is one of the most advanced ABS-C series cameras. This is about speed, the fastest hybrid phase / differential-detecting autofocus system and exploding at a notoriously 11fps burst rate.

Sony does not store image quality, the A6000 is capable of producing excellent pictures with ABS-C sensors, and the handling and ergonomics are well-refined.

The A6000 pack features an OLED viewfinder and hinged rear screen, which makes its body strong, compact, and lightweight to carry anywhere. In other words, the A6000 is better than glassless cameras.

So, are you confused about which lens should you use for your Sony A600? Which is the Best Travel lens for Sony A6000, Best Vlogging lens for Sony all covered in this article and you will also know about the Best Lens For Vlogging.

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Best Vlogging Lens For Sony A6000

There are some of the best lenses ever like Sony E 16-55mm f / 2.8G, Sony E PZ 16–50mm F3.5–5.6 OSS lens, Sony E 18-135mm F3.5-5.6 OSS, Sony E 10-18mm f/4 OSS. These are given below briefly, read carefully.

1. Sony E 16-55mm f / 2.8G

Best Vlogging Lens For Sony A6000 [Updated With Buying Guide 2024]

Sony E 16-55mm f / 2.8G

  • Maximum Focal Length 55
  • Minimum Focal Length 16
  • Weight 494gm
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The Sony E 16-55mm f / 2.8G lens is designed seriously, which is a welcome sign that Sony is indeed taking the ABS-C range seriously as a professional camera.

It has an amazing workhorse lens with a focal ranger and a standard f / 2.8 apertures suitable for a large range of applications, providing real variety for shooting in a variety of situations.

Whatever your plans are for your A6000-series camera, this lens will retain them and help you create more detailed images.

Our only gripe is the lack of optical image stabilization; this is an excellent lens that fits somewhere in all pockets of Sony ABS-C users.


  • Image quality is very good.
  • Fast and constant aperture


  • Lack of optical stabilization.
  • Overpriced as it is brand new.

2. Sony E PZ 16–50mm F3.5–5.6 OSS lens

Best Vlogging Lens For Sony A6000 [Updated With Buying Guide 2024]

Sony E PZ 16–50mm F3.5–5.6 OSS lens

  • Min Focal Length 16 Millimeters
  • Max Focal Length 50 Millimeters
  • Sony E-Mount, Sony Mirrorless, Sony Alpha, Sony NEX
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The Sony E PZ 16–50mm F3.5–5.6 OSS lens kit sold the correct lift on the A6000, a high-quality look. It is based on a Zeiss design consisting of four asbestos components and an ED (extra-low dispersion) element, as well as Zeiss high-performance T * coatings.

It does not have a space-saving, retractable 16–50 mm lens mechanism, but offers a wider overall zoom range and a standard aperture design, making the F / 4 available for any focus.

It is not as fast as the Sony 24-70mm f / 2.8G Master but is very compact and inexpensive. Weighing 308 grams, the A6000 feels balanced on the body and is ideal for everyday shooting.


  • Image quality is outstanding.
  • Constant aperture rating


  • Bigger and heavier.
  • No space saving mechanism.

3. Sony E 18-135mm F3.5-5.6 OSS

Best Vlogging Lens For Sony A6000 [Updated With Buying Guide 2024]

Sony E 18-135mm F3.5-5.6 OSS

  • Max Focal Length 135
  • Min Focal Length 18
  • 7.5x high magnification zoom
  • Lens Type Wide Angle, Normal, Telephoto
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Choosing a standard zoom lens for Sony’s ABS-C mirrorless cameras is less than you’d expect. The standard 16-50mm ake pancake ‘zoom sold by many A6000 series is very small and comfortable, but not very good at optics.

Otherwise, the Jaycee Vario-Deser (above) is a good buy but with the same f / 4 maximum aperture, and when the new Sony E 16-55mm F2.8G adjusts.

It with a pair-identical f / 2.8 aperture, it Gets bigger and more expensive … and none of them have zoom limits.

This is why we actually rated the Sony E18-135mm F 3.5-5.6 OSS. Compact, smooth and inexpensive, it offers a good zoom range – unlike almost all zoom lenses – it handles performance even at full zoom.

If you use a source processing program that does not automatically use lens correction, you will see how much digital correction is needed, but if this is the price you pay for optical quality, then we will do it!


  • Compact and lightweight.
  • Good zoom range


  • Relies on digital correction.

4. Sony E 10-18mm f/4 OSS

Best Vlogging Lens For Sony A6000 [Updated With Buying Guide 2024]

Sony E 10-18mm f/4 OSS

  • Max Focal Length 18 Millimeters
  • Min Focal Length 10 Millimeters
  • Aperture Maximum: f/4
  • Minimum: f/22
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Tie this lens to your A6000 so that it can pick up the flashing objects from your camera. The 10 mm narrow focal length is equivalent to using a 15 mm lens on a full-frame camera, which provides a viewing angle of 109 degrees.

The Sony Vario-Tesser D * E is similar to the 16-70mm F / 4Z OSS in terms of lens layout and handling, with standard aperture f / 4 ratings and built-in optical static shots.

For crowded interiors, landscaping and if you want to maximize the impact effect whenever you want, this lens is 16–70 mm thick.

When open at f / 4 the shooting takes place in the long half of the zoom range, except for a slight to medium sharp.


  • Ultra wide viewing angles.
  • Constant aperture


  • A bit expensive.
  • Lacks sharpness.

Buying Guide:

Now that you know about the top 4 best Sony A6000 lenses, it’s time to learn about what to consider before making your purchase. Here is a buyer’s guide with all the factors you need to keep in mind.

1. Focal Length

The focal length determines how much of the scene will be captured in the image and how close or far away objects will appear. For example, a wide-angle lens with a short focal length will capture a large area but objects will appear small.

2. Aperture

The aperture is the opening in the lens through which light passes. The size of the aperture affects how much light is let in and also determines the depth of field, or how much of the image will be in focus.

3. Image Stabilization

Image stabilization helps to reduce camera shake and is especially important when shooting in low light or at long focal lengths.

4. Lens Mount

Make sure to choose a lens that is compatible with your camera’s lens mount. Sony E-mount lenses are designed for use with Sony mirrorless cameras such as the A6000.

5. Budget

Finally, consider your budget when choosing a lens. Lenses can range in price from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars. Decide how much you are willing to spend on a lens and then narrow down your choices accordingly.

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