Daddy Frankie Vlogs Net Worth (2024)

Daddy Frankie is a YouTube vlogger who creates content about charity, social experiments, and personal stories.

He has over 514K subscribers and more than 74 million video views as of 2024. He also has a Facebook page with over 1 Million followers.

His real name is Francisco, but he prefers to be called Daddy Frankie by his fans and followers.

He is married to Aling Rochel, who is also a vlogger and the founder of Aling Rochel Vlogs. He has a daughter named Dara, who is a beautiful and smart girl.

He is a former OFW who worked in Saudi Arabia for 10 years as a driver. He returned to the Philippines in 2021 and started his vlogging career with the help of his friend, JZ Official Vlogs.

He is known for his generosity and kindness, as he often helps people in need, especially the poor and the homeless.

He has donated money, food, clothes, and other items to various individuals and communities, such as the Aetas, the Mangyan, the Badjao, and the Katutubo.

He has collaborated with other vloggers, such as Ericca VLOGS, Kalingap RAB, Andrea Dee Channel, and Sweet Charmz.

He has received several awards and recognitions for his charitable works, such as the Gawad Filipino Award, the Golden Globe Annual Awards, and the World Class Filipino Award.

He is also a businessman who owns a motorcycle shop, a car wash, and a water refilling station.

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