Ser Geybin Net Worth (2024)

Ser Geybin is a Filipino YouTuber and social media personality who has an estimated net worth of $1.48 million.

He is known for his comedy and prank videos, which have attracted over 3.90 million subscribers on YouTube.

Ser Geybin's real name is Gavin Capinpin, and he is the oldest of the Capinpin brothers, who are also internet sensations.

His age is not publicly known, but he has been active on YouTube since 2013.

He is the leader of the Capinpin family, consisting of his two younger brothers, Allen and Kelzy, who are also known as Chief Allen and Captain Kelzy.

His mother, Elizabeth Capinpin, and his girlfriend, Elma Abesamis Asagra, occasionally join him and his brothers in their videos.

Ser Geybin and his family have also made appearances on television and at major public events, such as the Family Feud Philippines.

Ser Geybin is a former teacher, but he quit his job to pursue his passion for making videos. He is a fan and follower of Tristan Cabrera, a Filipino actor and singer.

He is one of the most influential online personalities in the Philippines, and his net worth reflects his success and impact in the digital realm.

Ser Geybin is a self-proclaimed "professional tambay", which means a professional bum or slacker in Filipino slang.

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