Mumbikar Nikhil Biography 2024

Mumbiker Nikhil Biography

Hello Friends! Today we are going to know about Mumbikar Nikhil Biography. In this article, I will share some thunder information about Mumbiker Nikhil.


Mumbikar Nikhil Biography

The real name of Mumbiker Nikhil is Nikhil Sharma but everybody knows him as a YouTuber thus everybody knows him by his professional name Mumbaikar Nikhil. Mumbikar Nikhil was born on 4th November 1991 in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.

He is a professional YouTuber, Vlogger, Model, Actor, and Social Media influencer. He is one of the best vloggers in India. He has 4.05 Million on his YouTube channel.

In 2017, Nikhil was invited to the YouTube Fanfest like many other YouTubers in Mumbai because of his YouTube growth and fanbase.

He performed an act on the stage with a Harley Davidson which he borrowed it from his friend Debashish Ghosh, he perform a bike show because he is Moto Vlogger.

It helped Nikhil to gain more subscribers because Indian YouTube fanfest have their separate fanbase. and on March 16, 2018, he achieved 1 Million subscribers on his YouTube Channel.

If someone wants to know about Mumbiker Nikhil lifestyle then you are in the right place.


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Mumbiker Nikhil Lifestyle

Mumbikar Nikhil Biography 2024

Mumbikar Nikhil loves cycling. He also has many good bikes like KTM Duke, Bajaj Eliminator, Triumph Tiger, and BMW-GS15. He also has a scooter which is a Suzuki Access 125.

Mumbikar Nikhil has a car, “Audi A4″. He bought this car on his 27th birthday. Many people want to know about the hobby of Mumbai Nikhil.

So Mumbikar Nikhil loves cycling, traveling, and walking. He traveled to many places. He did not travel only to India. He traveled outside the world.

Mumbikar Nikhil is a social media influencer. So he has the best audience on Instagram. If you want to join him, you have to follow her on Instagram and Twitter. You should check out his most interesting Instagram stories.

Mumbiker Nikhil Age33 years old
Mumbiker Nikhil sisterNot Known
Mumbiker Nikhil GF/WifeShanice Shrestha
Mumbiker Nikhil Net worth$4million
Mumbiker Nikhil FatherAnil Kumar Sharma
Camera he UseSony A7 III, Sony A7R IV and Panasonic GH5,
Sony A7 R3 & R4, Gopro and Insta 360
Mumbiker Nikhil InstagramClick Here

He never talk about his father’s matter. His mom is homemaker. He concedes that he was a beneth normal study in school.

During all these times, he experienced heartbreaks. The main thing he thought about that was his camera.

Sometimes he criticizes people that he is rude and his behavior is not good for his fan. But we all know that he is always polite to his fans and well wishes.

Yes, if anyone breaks the privacy of anyone then it can be wrong sometimes. Otherwise, he is a genuine person in his professional and also in his personal life. Who knows him personally they tell the reality.

Mumbiker Nikhil Income

Mumbiker Nikhil channel has over 4.05 million subscribers by 2024, with over 3 billion views so far. Every week he uploads a video to his channel, and his subscribers are growing rapidly at the rate of 5000 new subscribers every day.

Total video uploads generate more than 1 million page views per day. So he earns $ 3000 a day (1.1 million per year) from YouTube-only video-running ads.

Youtuber earns $ 2– $ 5 per 1000 views, 60–40 over its partner YouTube program sharing rate.


USA, UK, CBC (cost per click) is higher than other Asian countries, i.e. revenue varies depending on your traffic source location, ad type, and other factors.

The main source of his income is not only from YouTube, he does many things for his income. He is a successful investor. He makes money from YouTube, investing, sponsorships, and advertisement.

In his Bike collection, he has 3 bikes at the moment which are BMW GSA 1250 HP Edition “Tiger Triumph XCA“, “KTM 390“, BMW GSA 1250 HP Edition& “And Bajaj Eliminator”. He also owns a car named “Maruti Suzuki Swift vki“, “Audi Q7“, “Hyundai Venue“. As is told you that, On his 27th birthday he gifted himself “Audi A4“.

Mumbiker Nikhil Career

Mumbikar Nikhil Biography 2024

Nikhil Sharma holds a hotel management degree from Rizvi Institute of Management Studies and Research, Mumbai. On 5 May 2007, Nikhil Sharma was selected as a flight assistant at Guitar Airways.

He lived in Doha, Qatar for 6 years. He then returned to Mumbai. He wanted to become an actor. But everyone knows that this is not an easy task for Nikhil. His father died in 2012 when he was looking for an acting opportunity.

While he was at Qatar Airways, he was fond of taking pictures and videos. In July 2013, she began sharing her videos on YouTube.

He has found considerable success on YouTube in his career. He never looked back after this. He worked hard and built this great empire of Mumbiker Nikhil.


He started his career on YouTube as Moto Voltaire. But after a few hours, the audience responded to him better, and then he started his daily lifestyle.

His first video of the long journey was Mumbai-Ajmer-Mumbai. In this video, he got 10,000 views and 10000 subscribers in a month through that video.

This is the change of his life. His first video that changed his entire life was Ladakh Journey. After this video, he got 100k subscribers on his YouTube channel.

Some qualities of Mumbiker Nikhil

  • If you meet him any time or watch his videos on YouTube you must know how genuine, pure, and down-to-earth this guy is.
  • Nikhil has extraordinary confidence, a positive attitude, and Re-presentation skills to explain anything (story, moment) scenario,s or situations. Yes, he shared his experiences in TEDx Talks with confidence.
  • Never tried to be fake in front of the camera.
  • Nikhil has all the extraordinary abilities to become a philosopher and thinker he has great influence skills.
  • His simplicity and purity make him connect to the people and direct to his viewers.
  • People like to watch his life and activities it’s like Nikhil is doing something for them and trying to make them more creative and give them the purpose to dream beyond their thought.
  • He is perpetually active on his social site whether it’s INSTAGRAM, FACEBOOK, or YOUTUBE with a huge number of followers on their social media.
  • People get connect with him, his vlog and personality make them become like him cause obviously, he is living a king-size life what people dream about it.
  • Nikhil creates a proper Meet-up with fans whenever he gets time.
  •  I have seen many videos where Nikhil apologized to his fans if unintentionally hurt them during the meetup, another one of best attitude.

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Final Words

I am not a huge fan of any bikers or moto vloggers but Nikhil’s attitude towards people, behavior for other and life really touched my heart. I have respect for him.

Mumbikar Nikhil Biography 2024

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