Top No 1 Vlogging Channel In India 2023

Top No 1 Vlogging Channel In India

Hello Friends! Today we are going to discuss the Top No 1 Vlogging Channel In India. Vlogging industry has changed a lot.

People love to watch vlogs. Vlogging has even been termed as one of the most profitable industries in India. No doubt, all these factors lead to the rise of these successful vloggers. Here are a few of them.


Top No 1 Vlogging Channel In India

YouTube is huge. YouTube is a Biggest Video Platform. Many people spend uncountable time on YouTube. On YouTube, Vloggers take the most important place in the field of entertainment, information, Lifestyle, traveling, and many more things.

In India, YouTube has become quite big and along with them some of the YouTubers have also become larger and growing fastly. Today we are going to tell about these type of YouTubers:-

Here we have the Top Vlogging Channel In India like- Flying Beast, Akash Dojeda, Karan Sehgal, JS Films, Sonu Nigam, Gaurav Chaudhary, Mumbaikar Nikhil, MSK, Singh Biography, and Jatt Prabhjot. These are some Best Vlogging Channels In India are given below briefly.


All the YouTubers are best in the given list there is no comparison with each other & every single YouTuber doing good in their vlogs. Numbering is just for simplification in this list.

If you want to know that who are the Most Famous Vlogger Personalities On YouTube then you must read the given article below :

1. Flying Beast

Top No 1 Vlogging Channel In India 2023
Flying Beast

Flying Beast is the best vlogging channel in India. When Gaurav Taneja graduated from IIT Karachi in 2008, he started bodybuilding.

He soon realized that many Indians, though interested in this art, both did not have sufficient knowledge.

He wanted to find a solution to this and started uploading bodybuilding tips on his new Facebook page.

Soon, he was recommended about YouTube and re-posted his first Facebook video on YouTube on his first channel, “FitMuscul TV”, which quickly attracted 600 subscribers. He is one of the Best Daily Vloggers In India.

The channel was decided accordingly. As he uploaded more videos, he gained more views, as well as subscribers.

Video tips are slowly changing to vlog types and are receiving positive feedback from their viewers. When they reached one million channel subscribers, their subscribers suggested that they create a separate channel for the vlogs.

He did so, naming it “flying beast”. This made subscribers stronger than ever, soon overtaking “Fitmaskul TV”.

On July 8, 2020, he launched his third channel “Raspberry Ke papa ” (English: “Father of Raspberry”) a gaming channel.

It set a new record by creating 100,000 subscribers in just 40 minutes and became one million subscribers in four days.

2. Mumbiker Nikhil

Top No 1 Vlogging Channel In India 2023
Mumbaikar Nikhil

Nikhil Sharma (Mumbaikar Nikhil) and his mother were born on 4 November 1991 (age 38 years 2019) in Mumbai. He has been interested in videography since childhood. Nikhil has a sister who works as a graphic designer at Red Chillies Entertainment. He is also a Best Indian Travel Vloggers On Youtube.

Nikhil has a hotel management degree from Mumbai’s Rizvi Institute of Studies and Research, but for some reason, he did not complete it.

In 2007, he had the opportunity to work as an airline assistant at Qatar Airways, lived in Doha, Qatar for 6 years before returning to Mumbai, and tried his luck in acting in his career, but unfortunately, he could not do anything.

After that, his father died in December 2012, and he had to take care of his father’s business. He launched his YouTube channel “Mumbaikar Nikhil” on 3 July 2013 and now plans to become a full-time YouTuber.

3. Karan Sehgal

Top No 1 Vlogging Channel In India 2023
Karan Sehgal

Karan Sehgal was born on 22 February 1994. He is currently 26 years old and is an Instagram star. He is famous for uploading pictures of his lifestyle, travel, food, and fancy supplies.

At more than 709 posts, he won the hearts of more than one lakh (100 000) followers. His first post started in February 2016.

He is one of the most successful Instagram stars and one of the highest-paid Instagram stars in India. Apart from his Instagram career, Karan is also a video producer.

He has over four hundred to ten thousand (410 000) subscribers on the YouTube channel (Karan Sehgal) and has uploaded two hundred ninety-nine videos including videos of his new home, new car, MacBook. He also uploaded comedy skits, naughty videos, and videos of his parents.

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4. MSK

Top No 1 Vlogging Channel In India 2023

MSK Vlogs is the name of a YouTube channel. The channel is managed by Mr. Mohammad Salim Khan (MSK). He lives in Mumbai, Maharashtra.

He started his journey on 16 September 2014 as YouTuber. MSK can get its own YouTube channel. He is a moto walker.

He travels to different parts of India and shares his experience and the beauty of India with his audience through his channel MSK vlogs.

Currently, his channel has over 337,572 subscribers and over 26,426,370 views. He owns two super channels, MSK TV and MSK Stories.

MSK TV has more than 32,255 subscribers and 3,978,903 views. He launched his MSK TV on 17 March 2017. In his MSK stories, he has over 6,484 subscribers and 87,123 views. He started his MSK stories on December 14, 2017.

He completed his B.Com from Mumbai’s Rizvi College of Arts, Sciences, and Business. He trained for one year in the acting industry as an actor.

He made around 20–25 short films and some commercials and some music videos. You might also like – Avnish.

5. JS Films

Top No 1 Vlogging Channel In India 2023
JS Films

Js Films is a popular YouTube channel about bike riding, travel, and moto vlogging. One of the films will promote the culture of different parts of India to Indian young bikers by exploring their pro bikes and travel abilities on road trips to various places.

He is currently India’s number-one moto vlogger. JS films on YouTube are commonly produced by Jasminder Singh, popularly known as “Jaysn”.

Jasminder Singh was born in Delhi and originally, his family hails from Punjab, he has a hand in India with his nationality.

Jain completed his primary education at the local, Delhi Public School, where he was not very smart in his studies from an early age, but he loved riding bikes since his school days.

Currently, he is 29 years old and lives in Delhi with his wife and parents. He is one of the Best Indian Travel Vloggers On YouTube.

6. Gaurav Chaudhary

Top No 1 Vlogging Channel In India 2023
Gaurav Chaudhary

Gaurav Chaudhary was born in 1991 in Ajmer, Rajasthan. He studied C ++ coding in the 11th grade and attended Kendriya Vidyalaya college.

He moved to Dubai in 2012 to pursue a degree in microelectronics. In Dubai, he received a certificate from the Dubai Police for working in security organizations, but in addition to his work, he also started a YouTube channel.

Chaudhary launched its Technology Guruji channel in October 2015, posting mainly advice and product reviews.

The channel developed rapidly, and in 2017 Chaudhary created a second channel dedicated to creating content about his personal life and also uploading frequent vlogs. It is one of India’s no 1 vlogging channels on YouTube.

7. Akash Dojeda

Top No 1 Vlogging Channel In India 2023
Akash Dojeda

Jadu (Akash Dojeda) was born on 26 March 1993 (at the age of 27 in 2020) in Ulhasnagar, Maharashtra. He completed his primary education in 2009 at Sri Satya Niketan High School in Ulhasnagar.

After that in Ulhasnagar, Mr. Chandibai completed her higher education (science) at Himmatmal Mansukhani College (2009-2011).

In 2015, Akash earned a bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering from Tadomal Shahani College of Engineering (DSEC) in Mumbai.

After completing his engineering studies, he worked as a process engineer at Agar Solutions, Mumbai from July 2015 to January 2017.

Subsequently, from January 2017 to July 2017, he worked as a process engineer at Techno Quest, Inc., Mumbai.

Akash joined Ashish Sambhalani’s team in December 2016 (he was still doing his job at the time) and has been working with Ashish ever since.

Since quitting his job, he has chosen YouTube as a career and can now be seen on her channel and many other channels such as Salt Sanchalani Flags, Simran Dhanwani, Anmol Sachar, Kunal Chabaria, Miss McBlush, and Rohit Satwant.

On YouTube, he was involved with his father’s chemical business, “Barack Salpa Chemicals”. That too must have been the reason for his study of chemical engineering. Today he is one of the most successful people in India and his comedy videos are very enjoyable for people.

8. Paritosh Anand

Top No 1 Vlogging Channel In India 2023
Anand Paritosh

He started his channel with millions of dreams. First, as an actor, he has to be very beautiful and confident in front of the cameras.

He realizes that he is so scared on stage that he forgets everything, and gets nervous every time he comes in front of the camera. So he started thinking about how to overcome these difficulties. He is basically from Dehradun and he explores his city and street foods also.

9. UK 07 Riders

Top No 1 Vlogging Channel In India 2023
UK 07 Riders

The UK 07 Riders have 481K on YouTube. He is a vlogger from the small town of Dehradun (The City Of Love). His main motto is to spread happiness. He is basically a bike rider and he creates also a motto vlog for his channel. He has many bikes like KTM 200 RC, Kawasaki Z900, and Avenger 220. He explores Dehradun City in their vlogs & also he

10. Jatt Prabhjot

Top No 1 Vlogging Channel In India 2023
Jatt Prabhjot

Jatt Prabhjot is an Indian YouTuber with more than 1.9 Million Subscribers on YouTube. He lives in Delhi. His channel basically covers Biking, Travelling, Raw Vlogs & Market Vlogs.

Jatt Prabhjot’s real name is Prabhjot Singh and his wife’s name is Priyanka Kapoor. He completes his education at Patiala. His Total view till now is 300M+.

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